I’ve never climbed before, where do I start?

We have two options for first timers.

Our simplest option is to use on of our Auto-Belay systems, which allow climbers to climb the full height of our top-rope wall without a partner and with minimal instruction. We have 4 Auto-Belay systems on a variety of climbing terrain which can challenge all levels of climbers.

If you haven’t climbed before and want to learn how to climb with a partner, we recommend our 2 hour Intro to Climbing or Family class. These classes will teach you everything you need to know to top-rope climb at Elevation. Participants will learn knots, proper gear usage, safety commands, how to belay and even some climbing technique. Both of these classes include rental gear and a day pass for climbing the rest of the day, offering you the best value for your first day at Elevation!

Once you have taken an Intro to Climbing or Family class, and become belay certified, you will be able to come to the gym on subsequent visits and get right to climbing.

How old do you have to be?

We don’t have a defined age limit for climbing in our ropes area. Climbers who are very light (Under 40lbs) might have a hard time being lowered on our Auto-Belays. Additionally, children who weigh under 25 lbs might require special attention for our top-rope area. Our staff can help determine if your child can use the facility.

Climbers who are 15 or older, and have belayed before, can take a free certification class. Ages 12 - 14 may belay at the gym if they have taken an Intro Class, Summer Camp, Family Class, or are part of the Youth Climbing team at Elevation. Children under the age of 12 cannot belay at Elevation.

Climbers must be 14 to climb in the bouldering area. Gym members, team members, and youth camps are exempt from this rule.

What does belay mean?

To belay means to control the uptake of slack from the ground as a climber scales a wall. The belayer is the most important job in climbing, as the belayer literally has the climbers life in their hands. Belaying, while simple to learn and not a complicated task, is not something to be taken lightly. Inattention or carelessness by a belayer can cause serious injury to the climber and the belayer. That’s why we recommend a class to teach proper belaying techniques. If you have already been belay certified and are unsure of something, always ask an Elevation staff member for help before your climber gets off the ground.

Do you offer Bouldering?

Yes, part of our gym is specificall dedicated to bouldering. Bouldering is a discipline of climbing that does not require ropes. All a participant needs is a pair of climbing shoes. Our bouldering walls are shorter than our rope climbing walls, and have padded flooring to arrest a fall. While you don’t get as high off the ground while bouldering, there is no rope to catch your fall, and other climbers can fall sometimes unexpectedly. For this reason, climbers in the bouldering area must be 14 years of age, or an Elevation member.

Can I rappel at Elevation?

Rappelling, is not allowed at any time except during a Rappelling class. See our classes page for information on our Rappelling class.

I have climbed at another gym or outside. What do I need to do to climb at Elevation?

In order to use the Bouldering or Auto-Belays at Elevation, participants will be given a 5-10 minute orientation of our facility. If you have climbed outside or at other facilities and know how to belay, you can take a belay test to climb the top-rope section of our gym. During the test you must demonstrate proper belay technique with an ‘atc’ style belay device, tie in with a pass-through rewoven figure eight knot, and demonstrate proper use of both climbing commands and safety checks. After the belay certification you are free to use the top-ropes at our facility.

What do I have to do to lead climb in the gym?

If you have little to no lead climbing experience we strongly recommend our Intro to Lead Climbing class. If you have experience lead climbing outside or at another gym, you may take our lead certification. The lead climbing certification is free for the first two attempts and $5 for each additional attempt. You must be lead climbing certified to lead climb and lead belay certified to lead belay at Elevation. A lead climber must posses and execute a complete understanding of the skills necessary to lead climb indoors. The lead belayer must show proficiency in lead belaying techniques as well as their ability to 'catch' a lead fall. Climbers must have a partner and their own dynamic rope of at least 30m in good condition to certify or lead climb in the gym.