Elevation Rock Gym offers classes for all ages and abilities.  Our experienced staff can help you whether you're starting from scratch or trying to conquer your latest project.  Check out our offerings below!

  • Climbing 101

    Our Intro to Climbing Class is a 2 hour course that will give you the skills and knowledge to climb at our indoor facility.  Particpants will learn proper knots, how to belay, proper use of equipment and even some climbing techniques!

    • $30 per participant (This Month Only!)
    • Day pass and all rental gear included
    • Particpants must be at minimum 12 years of age

    When is the class offered?

    • Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at  5 pm - 7 pm
    • Full payment required
    • On demand for 2 or more people  


  • Lead Climbing 101

    If you have mastered your top-rope skills, you may be ready to expand your climbing knowledge and learn the fundamentals of lead climbing, also known as sport climbing.  Lead climbing will add new, exciting mental and physical challenges to your climbing experience, while making more of our wall accessible to you.  Climbing and belaying proficiency is important, as lead climbing is much more involved for both climber and the belayer.

    The Intro to Lead Climbing class will provide students with the knowledge to lead climb and lead belay in an indoor environment.  Expect action-pact sessions giving you a full value experience only available from our experts at Elevation Rock Gym!

    • Two 2 hour sessions of instruction.  
    • Cost:  $40 per person for group class (2 or more), $89 for private class
    • Includes use of lead rope and other belay equipment
    • Participant must be top-rope certified at Elevation Rock Gym
    • Participant must be able to climb 5.10 on top-rope
    • Lead climbing certification not included or guaranteed

    When is the class?

    • Tuesday, Thursday 6 pm - 8 pm
    • On demand
    • Reservation and $25 deposit required
    Book your class below!


  • Climbing Merit Badge

    We offer a comprehensive two part course for scouts to satisfy all of the climbing merit badge requirements.

    • Cost: $25 a scout ( 6 scout minimum)
    • All rental Gear included
    • Two 2-hour sessions
    When is this offered?
    • Advanced scheduling and $50 deposit at minimum is required (Depending on group size)
    • Call 435-799-3902 to schedule
  • Gym To Crag

    Are you leading 5.10s solidly and looking to get outside and climb? Our Gym To Crag class will teach you the skills requried to climb single pitch sport routes up Logan Canyon and beyond!

    • $40 per participant (2 minimm)
    • Particpants must be at minimum 16 years of age
    • One 3 Hour session
    • Some gear provided
    • Must be Lead Certified and comfortable leading 5.10s

    When is the class offered?

    • On Demand (requires 2 participants) 

    Call us at 435-799-3902 to schedule!
  • Family Class

    Our Family Class is the same as our Climbing 101 class but structured in a way to cater to families. The class will teach all participants 12 and older how to belay, and those under 12 proper knot tying techniques. This class will make you and your family feel more comfortable and get the most out of your visit to Elevation!  In addition to learning proper knots and belay technique, participants will learn proper use of equipment and even some climbing techniques!

    • $80 for a family up to 4. $10 for each additional child.
    • Day passes and all rental gear included

    When is the class offered?

    • On demand
    • Requires reservation and $25 deposit  

    Please call (435)799-3902 to schedule!
  • Climbing 102

    Looking to take your climbing to the next level? Rock Climbing 102 will help you identify weaknesses in your climbing technique and identify steps you can take to push through plateaus. By focusing on body positioning, footwork, and resting techniques, we will help you improve your on the wall performance. We will also demonstrate various techniques and training exercises that can help you train more efficiently.
    • $30 per participant
    • Day pass and all rental gear included
    • Particpants must be at minimum 12 years of age

    When is the class offered?

    • On Demand (requires 2 participants) 

    Please call (435)799-3902 to schedule!
  • Rappelling

    Are you looking to learn how to rappell? Our excellent staff can train you on various rappelling methods and help you to be more comfortable.

    • $80 for a private session
    • $40 per participant for 2 or more (Scout Discount: $20 per participant for 8 or more)
    • 2.5 hours of instruction
    • Particpants must be at minimum 12 years of age

    When is this class offered?

    • Offered only a specific times; call for availability
    • Must reserve with $25 deposit 3 days in advance

    Please call (435)799-3902 to schedule!